Round Eco-friendly Deli Containers in Detroit, Michigan

Features of Green Safe Products’ round eco-friendly deli containers:

  • Made from PLA, a plant based resource
  • Strong and durable while also environmentally friendly
  • Offer outstanding performance with minimal global impact
  • Perform as well as traditional products without the use of petrochemicals or oil
  • BPI certified 100% Compostable within ASTM guidelines
  • High performance lid available made from compostable materials and demonstrating strength and flexibility
  • Compatible with zero waste initiatives
  • Biodegrade in commercial composting conditions in only 45 days
  • Heat tolerance of 110 degrees
  • Available in 8,12,16,24, & 32 oz sizes, with and without green stripe. Lids sold separately

NatureWorks PLA round, eco-friendly deli containers are great for pasta salads, deli items, nuts, candies, granolas, and cold soups. Detroit, Michigan business owners are noticing that these deli containers are strong, durable, and convenient while also environmentally friendly.