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At Green Safe Products, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of environmentally and eco-friendly products at conventional product prices. We encourage our customers to choose earth friendly alternatives whenever possible. Waste is created every year from non eco-friendly products. Detroit is striving to change that. We are currently working with businesses, universities, and hospitals to minimize our global impact.

Our earth friendly products are made from renewable resources and recycled material. We carry a variety of biodegradable cold and hot cups, biodegradable plates, compostable utensils, PLA carry-out food containers, recycled paper products, biodegradable bags and environmentally safe commercial grade cleaning agents. Not only are they safe, they are also as efficient as the conventional products. Your customers may not be able to tell that our food containers are biodegradable because they feel and look just like plastic. We make it easy to be green with our naturally biodegradable and eco-friendly products? Detroit community members have an opportunity to make a difference to ensure a clean and safe environment.

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This month we are featuring biodegradable cold cups.
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